• Iridium Extreme is the toughest handset ever from the only company that offers real global, real mobile, real reliable communications. Engineered with more features and more accessories than any other satellite phone on the market, Iridium Extreme puts more innovative capability and more ways to connect than ever before — into the hands of people everywhere. A feature-rich handset that raises the bar on toughness Iridium Extreme combines market-leading toughness with an unmatched feature set including location awareness and a fully integrated SOS button with emergency response service — all in one compact handset. Versatile communications in the palm of your hand Iridium’s most compact handset to date, Iridium Extreme is enhanced with more features and unique accessories than ever before:
    • Up to 4 hours of talk time, 30 hours of standby
    • Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
    • GPS-enabled location-based services
    • Supports online tracking and Google Mapping services
    • Accessories to provide global voice calling and text messaging solutions for your smartphone, everywhere
  • Iridium 9555

    CHF 1,295.00
    The Iridium 9555 satellite phone is compact, light, and easy to use but with industrial-grade ruggedness €”and it i™s connected to the only truly global mobile communications network. A satellite phone you can rely on Iridium 9555 is compact, light, and easy to use right out of the box. It’s engineered to withstand rugged environments and connected to the only truly global mobile network — so you can depend on it as a communications lifeline whenever and wherever it’s called for. Enhanced features Iridium 9555 has all of the voice and data features you have come to expect from our trusted satellite phones — plus a few notable additions:
    • Up to 4 hours of talk time, 30 hours of standby
    • Improved SMS and email messaging capability
    • Integrated speakerphone
    • Upgraded mini-USB data port
  • Combined with an Iridium satellite phone, Iridium AxcessPoint leverages the world’s furthest reaching network to create a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are in the world — allowing you to check emails and stay connected to the office, or keep in touch with family and friends, anytime, anywhere. Iridium satellite phones compatible with Iridium AxcessPoint include:
    • Iridium Extreme
    • Iridium 9555
    • Iridium 9505A
    Usage charges are billed per minute once the Internet connection is established, until you disconnect your Iridium AxcessPoint.
  • This battery may be used with the Iridium 9505A portable satellite phone and installed by removing the battery door and replacing the existing Iridium 9505A battery.
  • The charger is designed for use in standard 12 VDC accessory sockets fitted in vehicles. It plugs directly into and charges the Iridium 9505A, 9555 &  9575 satellite phone.
  • The Motorola Iridium cigarette lighter adaptor restores full battery power to Motorola Iridium Satellite Series 9500 or 9505 portable satellite phones from any operating vehicle. The Motorola Iridium cigarette lighter adaptor is not compatible with newer model Iridium 9505A model satellite telephones.
  • The AC/DC Converter connects your Iridium 9500 or 9505 satellite phone€™s DC charger to the AC/DC converter so you can plug into an AC outlet.
  • The Iridium GO! rechargeable li-ion battery is designed to provide customers with up to 5.5 hours of talk/data use and up to 15.5 hours of standby time.
  • The Iridium GO! protective cover snaps on top of the Iridium GO! device to protect the display and reduce the temperature in direct sunlight. It allows the use of an antenna and is vented for cooling.
  • GO! Carry Bag

    CHF 39.00
    The Iridium GO! carry bag has a durable, rigid nylon exterior with soft, felt-lined interior and zippered opening. It stores the Iridium GO!, a USB cable, and one power adapter, and includes a clip-on karabiner.
  • The Iridium GO! wall-mount bracket it provides the ability to install the Iridium GO! in a vehicle or building with easy removal. It includes mounting plate, wall bracket, and screws (2 wood, 2 metal).
  • The Iridium GO! 1.2m USB cable connects to the Iridium GO! AC charger or auto charger for charging Iridium GO! with the microUSB connection.
  • The Iridium GO! antenna adapter cable connects to an Iridium antenna (sold separately) and the Iridium GO! device. It provides TS9 (Iridium GO!) to TNC-F (Iridium Antenna) connector with 15cm length.
  • Iridium GO!

    CHF 990.00
    Iridium GO! is unlike anything the world has seen before. Powered by the world's furthest reaching network, this compact, rugged and portable unit creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on up to 5 smartphones, laptops or tablets.